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Tonight at work the 3 year old, Henry, who i nanny for punched his older sister Eloise who is 7. I explained to Henry why punching people is wrong and asked him to apologize to Eloise. He said “Sorry Eloise!” in his super adorable three year old voice. She didn’t respond. He looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes and said “Hey she didn’t say it’s okay!” Eloise turned to me and said “I need time to think.” I laughed in my head bc she’s 7. I turned to Henry and said “Eloise needs time before she can forgive you bc you hurt her Henry.” Then Eloise looked me with an extremely serious face on and said “Some people never forgive people who hurt them.” I paused. “you’re right Eloise some people don’t but I think its a good idea to always try and find it in yourself to forgive.” Everyone moved on and continued playing, but that was the most serious conversation i’ve ever had with a 3 and 7 year old. The timing is impeccable bc forgiveness is the theme of my life right now, and honestly regardless of the advice I gave Eloise today- I don’t think I’m ever going to forgive you, and I am perfectly okay with that.



What is love?

Her definition was by far my favorite

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As painful as you
think loneliness feels,
try the agony of
forced silence
between strangers
with memories.
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i am so cute and bitter

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Amy Winehouse photographed in London in 2004

Amy Winehouse photographed in London in 2004

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Mashup of Heart Out by The 1975 and One Thing by One Direction 

Why don’t you figure my heart out?

awesome that this is still getting notes :)

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